I now have a small sawmill.

It is an EZ Boardwalk Jr with the axle kit and a 5-foot extension and is powered by a 13HP Honda engine. It is supposed to be able to handle a log that is 30 inches in diameter and up to 12 feet long without the extension.

I brought it home in early March. We picked it up from the manufacturer in north eastern Missouri on our way home from an extended stay in Texas in February, 2021.


The picture above is a gas stop at Rochelle, Illinois.


We originally set it up in the back yard. We soon saw that the saw dust load would overwhelm the grass so we moved it.




The picture above is a pack of 15 bands that I ordered for the saw when I received word that it was ready to be picked up - they were shipped from St. Louis fastened together as shown here.


I taught myself how to use it, mostly by cutting up short 4-foot logs of ash that we had cut down in 2016/2017 because of the Emerald Ash Borer.


It's a constant effort to keep the area around the mill tidy. It's amazing how quickly the "good" boards pile up, and the waste slabs pile up more quickly than the good boards.

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