Opa's Genevan Pens

The Genevan Line are the most elegant pens that I make.  The ultimate in platings and barrel materials make for a line of elegant pens. The Genevan line includes any fountain pens that I make.  Fountain pens are available with upgraded flexible steel or (by special order) solid gold nibs.

The line of Genevan pens contains a number of substyles. Some of these substyles coincide with the other styles on this site such as the Ursa or the Palmyran - therefore you may see the "Genevan Ursa" or the "Genevan Elkhorn" as an example of a style.

The Genevan style pens are the capped pens. On most of these, the caps thread (unscrew) off the writing end of the pen. If the cap can be stored on the other end of the pen while writing, the pen is said to 'post'. Pens that post may provide a better balanced pen for an improved writing experience.