All the pens on these pages are handmade, one-at-a-time by Opa. All pen barrels are turned free-hand, then finished while still on the lathe. We use the most attractive and unique woods we can find, along with the most colorful acrylics. The result - unique pens that reflect your personality.

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For more information about individual pen styles, follow these links:

The Ursa Pen
is a full-bodied ballpoint pen.

The Eagle Pen is a line of single barrelled pens.

The Elkhorn Pen is a line of pens with rounded tops.

The Fox Pen is a line of pens with flat tops.

The Palmyran Pen is a line of pens that are quite slim.


The Genevan pen is a line of pens with caps that thread onto the pen.

Art and Workshop Pencils

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