'Opa' is the Dutch (or German) word for 'Grandpa.'  I'm a descendant of a farmer from the Netherlands who came to the USA in 1888. When our oldest daughter's little ones came along, she decreed me Opa (and my wife Oma) to keep us apart from the other grandparents.

I live on a hobby farm in southeastern Wisconsin, and have retired after over 40 years with a manufacturer of farm equipment.  I enjoy making things, and several years ago began to turn wood.  Soon, I found I was making pens and have developed a small following of my wares.

In the last few years, I have switched the focus of my turning and have begun to turn more bowls and other face plate turnings.

This website allows me to communicate with my customers and to show family and friends my latest products.

Thank you for looking!

We support Shepard's Home in Union Grove with a portion of the pens we sell at retail. Shepherd's Home is a Christian residence for developmentally disabled adults.

I have some blog pages here.

My daughter (mentioned above) blogs:

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Artist's statement:

My desire when creating a bowl is to bring glory to the One who created all things. In His might and wisdom, he created wood with all its intrinsic beauty. When turning bowls and other items, I have the privilege to bring His creation to light in such a way that it brings pleasure to his favorite creation, Mankind.

My favorite material is almost any North American hardwood. I will turn exotic woods, but would much rather take local wood that is destined for the landfill, the mulch shredder or the fireplace, and create a functional piece from it.

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