Bowl Care


I use a variety of finishes on the bowls that I create. The finish that I use depends on:

Care of the bowl depends on the type of finish that is on the bowl. Finishes can be divided into two types:

 A note about "food safe" finishes:

Any finish that I use is "food safe". The hardening finishes are food safe once they have hardened and cured.  This may be a period of days or weeks, and the finish may not have hardened when you purchased the bowl.  When this occurs, I will be sure to tell you if the finish is fresh.

Some of the finishes that I use I term "food friendly." These finishes are usually non-hardening and can be used for food purposes as soon as they are applied.

Care of Hardening Finishes:

Decorative Finish

Care of non-hardening finishes:

Mahoney's Utility Finish

Howards Feed 'N Wax

 If you have purchased a bowl from me and have any questions about your bowl, please feel free to contact me at the contact link elsewhere on my web site. It would be helpful for me if you can tell me where and when you purchased the bowl and what species of wood from which the bowl is made.