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Hi. I'm Opa. I make things. In fact, I love making things. One of my favorite ways to make things is on the wood lathe, and that is why I have this web page. About a dozen years ago I started making lots of pens on my wood lathe and then I started to sell them. That is why this web page is called Opa's Pens. More recently, in the last six or seven years, I have made more larger items on the lathe, so you may have arrived here by typing in "opasbowls.com" which redirects to this page.

Most of the stuff I sell, I sell at craft fairs. Click here for the current Craft Fair Schedule.

The stuff that I sell on line, I sell through Etsy. It's so much easier than setting up my own sales pages. Click here for items for sale on Etsy.I would love for you to sign up for our mailing list to receive notification of new items and discount codes for my Etsy shop.

Many of my latest items are posted on Facebook or Instagram - click on the link if you want to see what posted there.

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